Model No.︰SSHJ

Brand Name︰Liangji

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

The animal feed mixers are for mixing different raw materials and additives before pelletizing process. Generally, there is vertical type and horizontal type cattle feed mixer.

Vertical feed mixer is composed by one or more vertical screw conveyors to elevate the raw materials up to mixer. Then the materials fall naturally to the bottom by gravity. The materials can be mixed and re-elevated by cattle feed mixer.

Horizontal feed mixer is composed by one or double paddles or metal ribbon blades mounted on a horizontal shaft with rotor in a semi-circular trough body. Most of our main animal feed mixers are horizontal type. 


1. Optimization of volume, customized access to entrance and exit.

2. Gentle mixing machine, filling volume of variable range (0.4-1);

3. Mixing fast, mixing period is short, 30-120 seconds / batch;

4. High uniformity, CV ≤ 5%, even up to 3%.

5.90-degree open the door using military technology, the secretary shall grams of embedded closed doors, seal strength, the material discharging quickly,

6. Low residual material no more than 6‰ ; Good door sealing, no material leakage phenomena;

7. You can add all kinds of liquid, it can be equipped with special aerosol spray system;

8. Compressed air cleaning system is optional, the level of residues to a minimum.

9. It is widely used in feed, food, chemical, fertilizer and other industries in the powder, granule, flake, block, and other materials mixing.

Technical Parameters
parameters   Model volume amount per batch time per batch mixing homogeneity (CV≤ %)   Power (kw)
SSHJ 0.2 0.2 m 3 100 kg 30-120 s 3-5 4(5.5)
SSHJ 0.5 0.5 m 3 250 kg 30-120 s 3-5 5.5(7.5)
SSHJ 1 1 m 3 500 kg 30-120 s 3-5 11(15)
SSHJ 2 2 m 3 1000 kg 30-120 s 3-5 15(18.5)
SSHJ 4 4 m 3 2000 kg 30-120 s 3-5 30(37)
SSHJ 6 6 m 3 3000 kg 30-120 s 3-5 37(45)
SSHJ 8 8 m 3 4000 kg 30-120 s 3-5 45(55)

Payment Terms︰ TT/LC

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