Vertical Pulverizer

Vertical Pulverizer

Model No.︰SWFL

Brand Name︰Liangji

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Vertical Pulverizer

This vertical pulverizer is applicable for fine grinding of special aquatic feed, such as shrimp feed,eel feed and food chemicals.
Particle size is varied from 60-160 meshes.


1. The machine is ordinary ze-cai-er-yong lutromicro alternative models, the chip surface, high yield, a fast

2. Host can use shale, crushing, screening is blocking final fineness is high, particle size uniform, fish feed aquatic feed production equipment optimization.

3. But since the qing impeller with feeding, belt feeding of magnetic form; The feeding etc.

4. Need not change thick, thin screen can realize two shattered

5. Using an crushing rotor, improve efficiency than 25%, Elastic pressure screen, avoid crushing string materials,

6. Can be equipped with wind luck discharging base, convenient installation.

7. Widely used in corn, wheat, soy, sorghum, can also be used in high moisture content, high fiber raw material grinding.

Technical Parameters

Output (t/h),
(85% over 60-120 mesh),
power(kw)   rotor diameter(mm) rotor speed(rpm) Sorting motor power(kw) Feed motor power(kw)
SWFL42 0.2-0.6 22 420 4865 4 0.55
SWFL75 0.4-1.2 45 750 2598 5.5 0.75
SWFL102 1-2 75 1020 1878 7.5 0.75
1.5-2.5 90
SWFL128 2.6-3.2 132 1280 1558 4 0.55

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